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48 page hardcover photography book.
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Dear Viewer,

My name is Emily Schumacher. I am a Photographer and Therapist residing in New Orleans, LA. I grew up in North Jersey and lived in Philadelphia for 7 years where I earned a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling. Along with being a Therapist, I am a mental health advocate. I am open with my own personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and ADHD in hopes to normalize these issues for others.

In 2018, while on vacation in Mexico City, I received the news that my older brother Bryan had died due to his life long battle with mental illness and addiction. “Cozy” is my own personal narrative of finding comfort in the spaces and people that surround me while coping with my mental health difficulties and my grief. I find satisfaction through these visual narratives I get to build with my digital and film camera. Photography has allowed me to bring these moments home to reflect on when I need them most.

Thank you for spending time with my images,

Emily Schumacher